so i may get killed for posting this...

but here is a little video of jigga and i parasailing...i've done it a couple times in the past. once with my brother when we were only 10 or so years old and once by myself when i was in my early 20's. it's a pretty surreal feeling and the only sounds you hear are the boat and wind around you. i'd like to say it makes me want to skydive, but i don't know...i think considering i am afraid of heights this is an accomplishment in and of itself. 

anyway, jigga was a little nervous (don't get mad at me for sharing that, zack - it's cute!) and when i told him i wanted to go it alone, it took convincing. but the crew put me in my place when they told me the 12 hour per mile winds would be too much and i'd be stuck up there. i'm not mad at how things turned out though, it was a nice thing to share with a good bud.

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