bon voyage to me

i'm off! things will be quiet around here for a couple weeks, but i'll be back with some hopefully good pictures and a few stories! 


went apple picking upstate. real pictures to come post trip, but for now here is one of me perfecting my best stupid scarecrow face.

also, made some apple-nadas for the enid's apple pie baking contest. no excuses, but my entry was not up to par. i'm going to come back with a vengeance next year though, so watch out to all the other cute brunette brooklyn girls who entered.

noteworthy iphone shots: dog show edition

mom and my cousin came to town. i surprised mom with tickets to 'meet the breeds' at the javits center. made for a nice little sunday and she was stoked!

mom & liz
corgi lookalike! 

take me to your leader

papi puppy!

got her!

fluff ball
all tuckered out 

nap time
old man time

life's got me by the ankles


Between working, socializing, procrastinating packing and planning for my very-soon-approaching trip, and general weirdness, I haven't had time to post. I'll try to fix that before I go, but don't hold your breath...

this exists

and one day, i will go

only in china!

too lazy to care

if had the energy, i'd goog how to post an mp3 so i didn't have to put this youtube up, but i don't! 3 days as a tour guide for your mom and cousin will do that to you.

anyway, really into this song right now. can't wait to see what else mr kudi has coming for us (aurally, not visually...realllllly not a fan of this video)

nice legs

this kills me! i wish jcrew had a sense of humor and these lace tights were some sort of halloween joke, but unfortunately, i think it's just one of those things that managed to squeak by the numerous corporate checkpoints somehow. but how?! isn't it so obvious? maybe some disgruntled higher-up noticed but played mum to get his rocks off.

wonder what the model's thinking about this incident?

noteworthy iphone shots

you'll get the hang of it one day, kid 

Ava! perma-erect ear

lookin' guilty

in philly, within a 100 foot radius, i saw

of which i'm a proud member
which i was in need of
& a sadly discarded dessert

later that night

Jamie excitedly opted for a Pat's cheesesteak
while i went with Geno's (and regretted it)

i'll go there


i love MG

i know i've encountered it before, but i was recently reunited with milton glaser's "10 Things I Have Learned." glaser, a pretty famous graphic designer, is responsible for the I <3 NY logo and is one of the co-founders of New York magazine. anyhow, the essay comes from a speech he gave at an AIGA conference in 2001...and though some of it is design-centric, a lot of it is personable material anybody can relate to...

a smile like the joker! look at that big ol thing

some of my favorite excerpts include:

And the important thing that I can tell you is that there is a test to determine whether someone is toxic or nourishing in your relationship with them. Here is the test: You have spent some time with this person, either you have a drink or go for dinner or you go to a ball game. It doesn’t matter very much but at the end of that time you observe whether you are more energised or less energised. Whether you are tired or whether you are exhilarated. If you are more tired then you have been poisoned. If you have more energy you have been nourished.

We tend to believe that the mind affects the body and the body affects the mind, although we do not generally believe that everything we do affects the brain. I am convinced that if someone was to yell at me from across the street my brain could be affected and my life might changed. That is why your mother always said, ‘Don’t hang out with those bad kids.’ Mama was right. Thought changes our life and our behaviour. 

Deeply held beliefs of any kind prevent you from being open to experience, which is why I find all firmly held ideological positions questionable. It makes me nervous when someone believes too deeply or too much. I think that being sceptical and questioning all deeply held beliefs is essential. ..... Some years ago I read a most remarkable thing about love, that also applies to the nature of co-existing with others. It was a quotation from Iris Murdoch in her obituary. It read ‘ Love is the extremely difficult realisation that something other than oneself is real.’

Rule number one is that ‘it doesn’t matter.’ ‘It doesn’t matter that what you think. Follow this rule and it will add decades to your life. 

i also love that he hates when 'creative' is used as a in "that dude is a creative." no! don't do that!

read it in full here

i'm quitting cold turkey

it can be really hard to watch live comedy and this admittedly has its ups and downs...but i love him

if you netflix, do it

faking it

tilt-shift photography blows my mind

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

you can try to wrap your head around the 'how' right here

sam also did another one of these on coachella

sam said he was inspired by the seminal 1982 film Koyaanisqatsi (with a soundtrack by Philip Glass!), which i've never seen...but the depths of youtube have the whole film so you can get your fix. here's the trailer to pique your interest...

ever know the feeling?

via mr ryan santos via

this made me happy

it is my life long dream to ride in a hot air balloon. when i was growing up, before my hometown blew up into a mega-burb, my small neighborhood was surrounded by fields and corn fields where many a hot air balloon landed every spring and summer. we would run through the fields to check out the landing and clean up.

Balloon Fiesta from Michael Salisbury on Vimeo.


ho hum

none too pleased with this round of lomo shots. i was using a different film and haven't really caught on to it i guess. either way, here are a few that turned out...and you can see more here.



playing some tunes

philadelphia !

nyt's model morphosis

these are pretty fun.

you talkin' to me?

if i had an extra $700 hanging out, i'd love to check out this book of photography by steve schapiro featuring behind-the-scenes on the set of taxi driver. i mean, is it really necessary to sell the book at that price point?

check out the pit stains on martin

creepy cuties

national geographic has some pictures of recently discovered species found in papa new guinea. here are a couple of my favorites...

weren't you in the neverending story?

nicely coordinated eyes and feet

please standby

been busy stacking paper

...and blowing it on a little trip to philly to hang out with my brother...but i'll be back soon...!

i can do dat

just signing some documents

"Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure - that of being Salvador Dali."

everyday i try not to think about what would happen, if this happened

weakest episode of late, though they did do a good job of driving home...

kinda into it

moleskine/iphone combo? i do always have both on me...and if my iphone had been in this, the screen wouldn't have cracked when i dropped it last week. i do think the ipad one makes more sense though. they definitely have a pretty distinct 'collegiate' feel to them. alright, now i've talked myself into not liking them.

btw if you ever suffer a broken iphone screen go to dr brendan - cheapest price i found and dude fixes it while you wait, all while offering some fine conversation.