booked a much needed trip away...

is it the smartest move for the recently unemployed to make? probably not!

the supremes

you know, i used to always think of the supremes as somehow upbeat, but the lyrics really are quite melancholy. don't know how i've missed this or overlooked it all these years...

they just look way too bright to be singing such sad words!

how excited does this make me?

leaked weezy! oh and happy birthday lil wayne! hope you get some jailhouse rock tonight...

so i may get killed for posting this...

but here is a little video of jigga and i parasailing...i've done it a couple times in the past. once with my brother when we were only 10 or so years old and once by myself when i was in my early 20's. it's a pretty surreal feeling and the only sounds you hear are the boat and wind around you. i'd like to say it makes me want to skydive, but i don't know...i think considering i am afraid of heights this is an accomplishment in and of itself. 

anyway, jigga was a little nervous (don't get mad at me for sharing that, zack - it's cute!) and when i told him i wanted to go it alone, it took convincing. but the crew put me in my place when they told me the 12 hour per mile winds would be too much and i'd be stuck up there. i'm not mad at how things turned out though, it was a nice thing to share with a good bud.

a good bike is hard to find

could one of the following please reveal itself on craigslist?

holy shit

last night's mad men!

possible spoilers inside...


what a gross day.

this song accompanies it well...reminds me of trainspotting (duh), amongst other things...

those piano crescendos kill me everytime!

noteworthy iphone shots

my friend britt hooked me up working as a 'dresser' at fashion week for the rachel comey show...wish i had a shot where i had to fill in for my tardy model during rehearsals. i only came up to these girls' shoulder blades!

can't say where this shot was taken as my friend is paranoid of revealing his identity on the internet, but check out his piece!

pretty proud of myself for catching this tiny guy...haven't done that since i was a kid!

i know the gulf has been recuperating from the oil spill, but the water in st pete has never been clearer

my cute grandma in her polka dot suit testing the waters

parasailed! i didn't weigh enough to go up alone :( ... 

...but that meant i got to go up with jigga man! video to come

you can snooze if you want to

sadly, michael jackson wasn't in that day

are there really that many snow globes going through security? 

family time

made a trip home this week which happened to coincide with my niece's 2nd birthday. they grow up so fast, don't they? here is aubrey suffering some buyer's remorse at old navy.

buyer's remorse
she really did think the umbrella would be a good purchase

...and may have needed a little assistance from mom
happier times

jamekat liked it
jame mostly just ate the m&ms adorning the cake
took a trip downtown with darry

27900035 zoom
S is for sara, sassy, sharp & a little bit sad

they don't make em like this anymore...good budz
then we scooped up rosie and went to the much talked about terry's turf club for some slammin' burgers

greenpoint colors
and then it was back to scenic greenpoint for me...

two birds one stone
...and the city to take care of some things.

you can check out all the pics from home here
and just a few lomo shots from around the way lately

From As Far Back As I Can Remember...

this GQ read is so totally worth it if you're a goodfellas fan. click on it now, don't delay! lots of insider info from all the players both on and off screen. after reading, you'll probably instantly go to netflix to see if it's on instant right now (sadly it's not) or go rent it or pull it off the shelf if you own it. i'm always in the mood for that movie, but after reading this i want to see if i can spot any of the real life mobsters who consulted on the film (and muscled themselves and their ladies into some scenes).

highlights for me included:

tom cruise and madonna? fuggedaboudit!

john malkovich almost played jimmy conway! now i love me some john malkovich, but bobby d is simply irreplaceable. what a different film it would have been. however, what really would have fucked things up is if they cast tom cruise and madonna instead of the on-point ray liotta and lorraine bracco! what were they thinking?!

"Oh, I like this one... One dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way, and this guy's sayin', "Whadda ya want from me?' Guy's got a nice head of white hair, it's beautiful. " Tommy DeVito

so many great parts of the film were improvised. ol marty just trusted the actors (or played mind games with them at times) to do the right thing...for instance, when joe pesci talks about the dog painting at his ma's spot on, that's the exact kind of observation you would expect that character to make.

the explanation of the steadicam shot at copacabana is written so well you can visually see the whole thing before your eyes. that or you've just seen the movie enough times like me, not sure which...

while i do recommend reading the book 'Wiseguy' by Nicholas Pileggi, which the film was based on, be forewarned it isn't exactly a masterpiece. however, if you love the film, you'll definitely get through it quite easily.

off to box

and i'll be thinking about this guy while i'm doing it...


to sheep or not to wolf or not to wolf...

...or just cross-breed that shit and call it a day?

i'll take them!

the bike shelf

i've seen a few bike storage options out there similar to this, but this one takes the cake. simple, elegant...and pricey! at $300 a pop i'd be more inclined to ask my dad to make me one. i may even attempt it myself, but woodwork isn't really my forte.

and if i couldn't build it myself, i could at least curate a nice little tableau to rest on top. right by the front door, it'd make a great landing strip for keys, mail, etc.


grrrl crush

if memory serves, nicki minaj first caught my ear on young money's "bedrock."

He Say I’m Bad, He Probly Right,
He Pressing Me Like Button Downs On A Friday Night (Ha-ha)

her sweet as candy voice had me right away and then when i heard the theatrics and cartoon voice she employed on "your love" and her intensity on trey songz "bottoms up," i was in love!

anyway, if you take a look at some of her videos, herehere & here, you'll see she has the theatrics, style, looks and general down-ness to do it.

get it nicki! (even if it is drake...jealous!)

and heads up, a quick google image search of ms nicki yields results rendering girls with their own impressive bundas speechless...

and what do we have here...?

right on the heels of my last post, i learn that don draper, THE don draper used to work in porn?! but not what you're thinking...he served as an occasional set dresser. although i'm sure he was approached on the daily about making cameos in the films, the man has class and was able to resist.

anyhow, interesting read on the enigma if you're as entranced with him as i. my jealousy climaxed at this portion of the interview:

And then he removes a speck of cappuccino froth from halfway up my bare arm ("It will drive me crazy if I leave it there. How did it get there, anyway? That's quite a journey!")

( yourself a favor and gloss right past the part where he mentions rollerbading around new york.)


i'd give up a lot of things to switch places with jon hamm or tina fey (or those lucky enough to call them lovers). only people in hollywood i'd like to meet.


coolest thing ever?

at least to me and other girly girls, probably. scientists in turkey & iran (separately, on the same day - how's that for cosmic?) discovered that busy little worker bees make cute little cocoon like homes for their little baby bee eggs using solitary flower petals. the article is worth a read if you're into science.

i could have used these guys' ingenuity during my 2nd grade paper mache project!

i would totally nap in one of these things

check out the full article here

let's get this straight...

live it, learn it, spread it.