family time

made a trip home this week which happened to coincide with my niece's 2nd birthday. they grow up so fast, don't they? here is aubrey suffering some buyer's remorse at old navy.

buyer's remorse
she really did think the umbrella would be a good purchase

...and may have needed a little assistance from mom
happier times

jamekat liked it
jame mostly just ate the m&ms adorning the cake
took a trip downtown with darry

27900035 zoom
S is for sara, sassy, sharp & a little bit sad

they don't make em like this anymore...good budz
then we scooped up rosie and went to the much talked about terry's turf club for some slammin' burgers

greenpoint colors
and then it was back to scenic greenpoint for me...

two birds one stone
...and the city to take care of some things.

you can check out all the pics from home here
and just a few lomo shots from around the way lately

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