From As Far Back As I Can Remember...

this GQ read is so totally worth it if you're a goodfellas fan. click on it now, don't delay! lots of insider info from all the players both on and off screen. after reading, you'll probably instantly go to netflix to see if it's on instant right now (sadly it's not) or go rent it or pull it off the shelf if you own it. i'm always in the mood for that movie, but after reading this i want to see if i can spot any of the real life mobsters who consulted on the film (and muscled themselves and their ladies into some scenes).

highlights for me included:

tom cruise and madonna? fuggedaboudit!

john malkovich almost played jimmy conway! now i love me some john malkovich, but bobby d is simply irreplaceable. what a different film it would have been. however, what really would have fucked things up is if they cast tom cruise and madonna instead of the on-point ray liotta and lorraine bracco! what were they thinking?!

"Oh, I like this one... One dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way, and this guy's sayin', "Whadda ya want from me?' Guy's got a nice head of white hair, it's beautiful. " Tommy DeVito

so many great parts of the film were improvised. ol marty just trusted the actors (or played mind games with them at times) to do the right thing...for instance, when joe pesci talks about the dog painting at his ma's spot on, that's the exact kind of observation you would expect that character to make.

the explanation of the steadicam shot at copacabana is written so well you can visually see the whole thing before your eyes. that or you've just seen the movie enough times like me, not sure which...

while i do recommend reading the book 'Wiseguy' by Nicholas Pileggi, which the film was based on, be forewarned it isn't exactly a masterpiece. however, if you love the film, you'll definitely get through it quite easily.

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