bakin' again

made these guys for gina's goodbye dinner (SAD!)...also made some buckeyes last week, but they were too unsightly to photograph...i'll get 'em next time!

carrot cake cupcake + maple cream cheese frosting

happy thanksgiving everybody

this will be a weird thanksgiving, for sure. my first without my family &/or other loved ones. slept on making plans, so instead i'll see where the day takes me. i did pick up a bottle of red, however, and plan on making carrot cake cupcakes (both regular & miniature) tomorrow morning, so it'll be off to a good start at the least! maybe i'll even attempt a batch of grandma's noodles...

take me to another land

so after i posted the roadtrip pics i realized, wait! i do have more. turns out i bought a holga in portland and took a few rolls with it. when i got back the pricey prints i decided the return on investment might not be worth it, as not many photos came out. but i've revisited the ones that did and think the hard work might be worth it...

i've added them to the set here. they're all in black and white...selects below.

montana ambassadors

most beautiful place in america? i think so. glacier national park


photo time (again)

reuter's 55 best photos from the year...if you're like me and don't read as much news as you should, the stories behind a lot of the selected photos are worth your time. my favorites below...

take me to another place

here are some shots from a month long road trip i took this summer. a couple days in i thought my camera was broken, so i only shot two rolls the whole time. big bummer. oh well, sometimes it's nice to just remember things the way they were, without a picture to prove it.

full set here

new orleans is hot hot hot. dehydrated myself that day

friendly guy

a ghost town in new mexico...this particular town had a cow guarding it...he did not like us

amazing infrared film

La Evolucion Silenciosa

Would love to snorkel this with my underwater lomo in tow...

Artist Jason de Caires Taylor installed these 400 statues off the coast of Cancun & Isla Mujeres. Never thought I'd be interested in going to Cancun, but this might lure me...Spring Break 2011! Whoo!

where are these

and how do i get there?

via, really wish he'd list the source of all his finds so i could make some travel plans!

insert me there

sub wine for that tea and add my laptop with a netflix playing

star light star bright

wish i was back in the desert to catch the leonid meteor shower tonight...wonder if it's completely pointless to try to see it here in brooklyn?


got my last roll of film from my trip and white shots in paris.

you're in trouble!

the days are long, but the time flies

tiny little parisians

iphone autocorrect is weiiiiird (or as it would say - weightier)

this site is seriously amazing. i have a few of my own...including today's 'yayayayay' turned into 'hayseed.' my most frequent auto-correct is 'want' to 'Wang' (I Wang to do that, I Wang to go there, etc)

oooookay i'll stop now. 

really insane

Casteller from Mike Randolph on Vimeo.

and maybe a little nerdy? but i'm into it.

she was playful & curious

Photos! Some aren't half bad, but overall, the gloomy skies over there weren't conducive to shooting with my camera & film. A friend, who shall go unnamed, said these aren't my best work...but that shouldn't reflect on the (mostly) good time I had out there.

Click on the city name to see more from each destination...!



my favorite

home again, home again

...exhausted, sad, excited, et al. going to drop off my film today, so hopefully i'll have some pictures to post later. otherwise, just wrapping my head around being back to life.

i ate a lot of cheese (and and even more pan chocolat), spoke a little broken german (and even less broken french), saw a shit ton of art, drank the local dranks, danced, rode bikes through robin hood territory, walked maybe even more than i do living in new york, and caught up with two dear friends i hadn't seen in 1 & 3 years, respectively. and i am proud to report, my shopping was kept to the bare minimum.

locked up abroad

accidentally looking stereotypically parisian in paris

a hornenflugel (?) in berlin