could be

i don't know where i found this one, but it was no doubt from a very amazing individual

truer words were never spoken

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i have a russian spanish accent

color photos from the Russian Empire dated between 1905 and 1915, via the incomparable Library of Congress. they all possess a strong eeriness and beauty you can't soon shake!

that lass on the left is sure to haunt my nightmares tonight


making friends

back in new york. the past month has been something else. i'll find time later to sit down and capture it all, but for now, i leave you with this. this guy wanders the botanical gardens in medellin, colombia. so cute!

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noteworthy iphone shots: on the road pt 2

so, this is a thing that exists
my brother convinced me to try espresso tequila
and then proceeded to sleep on the drive to miami the next day
the standard
these greeted me in san diego...! thanks, jan!
mr & mrs atkins first dance
concentrating real hard on those laces
saw a few of these in san diego. a sign of good things to come? i hope!

noteworthy iphone shots: on the road

been kicking it in florida the past week. internet-less time has lead to lots of book reading and productivity. pretty into it. after a few days with grandma and great aunt shirley i rented a car to visit jigga man in gainesville and inadvertently got trapped here due to a janky rental car. such is life these days! but i'm rolling with the punches.

made one last purchase on my way out of town and moved it in style

aunt shirley & grandma chillin

feet in the gulf, first of four bodies of water i'll be hitting up this month

new kicks. brass eyelets!

hit up the thrift stores in gainesville!
zack's neighbor dan snagged a copy of the magna carta

and i got a one of a kind bouquet of baby heads

passed on the potted meat 
hung out with this guy
and narrowly escaped death by rental. 11, count em, 11 holes in my tire! 
now i'm just hanging with weiner dogs 1 & 2 until i hit the road back to grandma's