noteworthy iphone shots

golden hour
more than a little confused
nap time
helping my brother, i mean santa, christmas shop
till the day i die!
my holiday wrapping this year

still not attractive, but getting better!

blue blue blue...

...but sweet sweet sweet. today i'll be baking carrot cake cupcakes (popular demand), eggnog cookies, buckeyes, and of course, sugar cookies. pics to come!

no commentary necessary

take me to your ski hill

i'm not a skier, never been. but i'd like to, and i'd like to pop my skiing cherry at this spot. can you imagine?  the full frontal windows would no doubt freak me out at night when it got pitch black...i'd imagine bears, rapists, et al. approaching my pod...but there's a little fun in the scare anyway.

someone please take me here and sign me up for the bunny hill!

when i'm gone

i'll take one of papa joe's hand carved coffins shaped like either a slice of pizza, a high heel, or a cat. they really do it up big in Ghana!

from the exhibition description:

"Reflecting the ambition or the trade of the person for whom they were made they are not dead things but are instead a manifestation of and indeed an affirmation of life."

sounds pretty cool to me!

papa joe


the story of eames furniture

2 volumes, 800 pages, and over 2,500 images! this would basically make the perfect Christmas present for at least 7 or 8 people on my list...unfortunately the cost is a bit prohibitive. i'll be adding it to my amazon wish list regardless. irregardless. whatever.

gotta lot of whiskers on your chinny chin chin

put up a few christmas decorations around the house. still contemplating a tree. ahhh who are we kidding, i'll most likely get one. in the meantime, searching out some alternatives to the traditional holiday music. this one's rather timely as mr blow was just a victim of the new TSA pat down requirements. no disrepect, but the man is not looking too hot these days...bring back the butterfly collar and ditch that corny hat!



working from home or how to not clean your whole apartment when you should be working

as it turns out, it is really difficult to work from home. i spent all day yesterday cleaning, organizing, and rearranging my bedroom, dressing room, and living room rather than doing, you know, actual work. 

any tips from the peanut gallery?

my office

this ain't no blue velvet

david lynch has started making music and i like it. the two tracks are pretty different, but also go well together. they're both suited to this rainy, gloomy, gray, gross, new york day.

mine! i want it

totally frivolous, yes...but i still want it. at least just for the case!