noteworthy iphone shots

my friend britt hooked me up working as a 'dresser' at fashion week for the rachel comey show...wish i had a shot where i had to fill in for my tardy model during rehearsals. i only came up to these girls' shoulder blades!

can't say where this shot was taken as my friend is paranoid of revealing his identity on the internet, but check out his piece!

pretty proud of myself for catching this tiny guy...haven't done that since i was a kid!

i know the gulf has been recuperating from the oil spill, but the water in st pete has never been clearer

my cute grandma in her polka dot suit testing the waters

parasailed! i didn't weigh enough to go up alone :( ... 

...but that meant i got to go up with jigga man! video to come

you can snooze if you want to

sadly, michael jackson wasn't in that day

are there really that many snow globes going through security? 

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