everyday i try not to think about what would happen, if this happened

weakest episode of late, though they did do a good job of driving home...

roger sterling's path of self destruction! geez, the man can't get it together. he thought he had joan back in his circle, but she's even wiping her hands of him. and his oblivious wife printing his book for him? so sad...it looked like a rendition of a mitch albom book or something as equally sappy...

i most enjoyed burt's missive to him - "Lee never took you seriously because you never took yourself seriously."


poor petey in the office while trudy's pushing

cosgrove's engaged to alex mack!

don's plea to glo-coat was like a real life break up - 'i'm coming out there to talk in person.' and the sad reality of work being the end all for these men was reiterated at the funeral scene. there pete is with a wife about to deliver a baby...and don with all his familial issues...sitting at a funeral in the hopes of drumming up business. a funeral, i might add, that was eulogizing an absentee husband and father. i mean...nail in coffin?

this was one of the few episodes this season to not end with a boardroom scene...a further sign of SCDP's future? (did i even get that acronym right?)

don and faye...don and faye. i wish i liked this actress more, but there's something not right about her to me.  was don being intimate by conveying they won't be sleeping together because we do know that he prefers to sleep in a bed to himself (from the opening to the episode narrated by him)? or is it out of guilt because he just slept with his secretary! i really couldn't get a read on him.

only 2 episodes left!

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