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2010 turned into 2011 and I was either tossing and turning, getting sick, or having cold chills when it happened. the flu was my date for new year's eve and he just does not quit! if this is a sign for the year to come, i'm in trouble because last year was already a doozy.

this is what i looked like the past 3 days: a sick & paunchy 43 year old man

a really bad year overall, there were some highlights. i'll only mention those so i can bring in 2011 with good tidings and a warm welcome. it can only get better, right?

last year i...

traveled to 5 countries
fulfilled a longtime dream of traveling around the country
snorkeled and parasailed
swam in the pacific and the atlantic and the gulf (and tapped my shoe into the english channel)
started to get more into photography
became a pretty decent baker
did a lot of bike riding
spent some quality time with a few old and dear friends i don't see often enough
left my job and managed to make it this far without a new one! (but am dying to find the next one)
made some new gooood friends
found out my sister is having a 2nd daughter!
grew closer to my baby brother
made some unforgettable memories.

all the bad shit is in the past now, so ima leave it there and see what 2011 has on deck for me...!

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